How Electrical Contractor Companies and Electricians Meet Our Needs

by: Chris Lontok

How do electrical contractor companies and their electricians meet our needs as a community? If you ask the person next door or any person on the street, they will most probably not be able to tell you. In fact, the services rendered by electrical contractor companies and their electricians are largely overlooked. Only the people who work within the construction and building industries are familiar with them. This is ironic especially when considering the fact that electrical contractor companies and their electricians serve the needs of each and every member of society in every level of day to day life. If electrical contractor companies and their electricians stop working, almost everything in modern life that relies on electricity will come to a halt.

Electrical contractor companies and their electricians are responsible for designing, installing, maintaining and repairing a wide variety of residential, commercial and industrial electrical systems and electrical projects. The electrical contractor companies are also expected to provide the electrical parts & supplies necessary for all those projects. The work done by electrical contractor companies and their electricians therefore affect all private and public areas and all sectors of society.

In their maintenance and repair work, electrical contractor companies and their electricians perform upgrading and electrical repairs of electrical boxes, control panels, electric motors, electrical panels, concealed wiring and underground wiring; cable fault locating. They also install, maintain and repair street lights, parking lot lighting, landscape lighting, commercial lights and security lighting. In case of any electrical emergency, electrical contractor companies are ready to respond round the clock with fully equipped bucket trucks.

Electrical code consulting is provided by electrical contractor companies and their electricians to clients who wish to avoid government electrical code violation. In Miami-Dade County in Florida, for instance, the 40-Year Building Inspection Program requires electric inspection every ten years for buildings that are 40 years old and older.

Electrical contractor companies and their electricians also provide special services for hurricane prone areas, including the establishment of lightning protection systems, generator installation and surge protection from surge protectors.

Electrical contractor companies in the United States are classified by function.

Line electrical contractors or outside electrical contractors work on power transmission from power plants to power substations, power facilities and power users. They handle power plant equipment, electric generation and hydroelectric energy.

Inside electrical contractors and their electricians work on home energy audits, heat tracing, electric meters, circuit breakers, junction boxes, fuse boxes and fuses, switches, electric wires, indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, recessed lighting, outdoor fans, patio fans, ceiling fans and ceiling fan repair, water heaters and all other electrical needs within the residential, commercial or industrial property lines of clients.

Voice/data/video (VDV) electrical contractors or integrated building systems (IBS) electrical contractors work on auxiliary power generators; power monitoring; emergency electrical & lighting systems; energy efficient solar energy and wind energy; security systems; telecommunications systems including closed circuit television and wireless networks; climate control systems including fire detectors, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and exhaust fans; and fiber optics.

Electrical contractor companies and their electricians are among the unsung heroes of society. They actually form a very vital artery for the continued workings of modern society.

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