Some of the most common services Select Electric offers their clients are listed below

If you don’t see the type of project you have in mind, contact Select Electric anyway. If they can help you they will, if they cannot they will tell you, and will help you find someone who can if they are able.

New Electrical Services and Electrical Service Upgrades:

Select Electric has completed many Electrical Service installations and upgrades. Whether you are building a new home or are looking for someone who can upgrade the existing service you have on your home, Select Electric can take care of it for you.

Residential Wiring and Re-Wiring:

Aluminum Electrical Wiring: If your home has aluminium wiring, it is important to ensure that all connections, repairs and new wiring be performed to a strict standard for safety. The original aluminium wiring is generally not a concern, it is the changes to the original wiring that might pose a problem.

Aluminium wiring itself is just as safe as any other wiring, but, the improper installation of new wiring, or new devices that are not rated for use with the aluminium wiring are what can cause connections to overheat and even fail or worse, it can burn.

Knob and Tube Electrical Wiring: Like aluminium wiring, the knob and tube wiring itself is generally not a concern. However, there are very few electricians who have been trained to work with this extremely old system. The fact that the wiring itself has aged considerably, means that an electrician who understands how delicate the system is and who is knowledgeable of the system, should handle any changes, repairs and rewiring when knob and tube wiring is involved.

Most insurance companies have begun to demand that any functioning knob and tube wiring be replaced or at least be protected with a new grounding system or equivalent apparatus that makes the system safe for use with newer appliances, computers and other electrical devices that were never even considered at the time that the wiring was originally installed.

Heat Pump Electrical Wiring: Heat pumps have become very common place over the last decade. Prices have come down slightly and government incentives that promote upgrading of equipment that consumes electricity has made them both affordable to purchase and affordable to run. In fact, heat pumps can save 50% or more on your heating bills… And, as energy costs rise, this fact alone makes them a wise choice.

Select Electric has been installing new wiring and upgrading electrical services when required for these systems, more and more frequently over the last several years. If you have questions about the wiring for a heat pump for your home, or you need a referral to someone who can supply and install the system itself, contact Select Electric and they will be happy to provide the information you need.

Hot tubs and Jet tubs Electrical Wiring & Re-Wiring:
Did you know that hot tubs and jet tubs need GFCI protection?

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  • Renovations
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  • Electrical Generators & Surge Protectors
  • Telephone & Television Cabling

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