Why Hiring Qualified Electrical Contractors is Extremely Important

by: Alan Lunday

Electrocution can kill!

That should be enough reason to employ a fully qualified electrician to undertake any electrical installation, repair or maintenance of electrical systems in your home or business.

Electricians spend 4-5 years going through a tough training programme that covers the many and varied aspects of electrical work, as well as meeting strict licensing rules and regulations, and comprehensive insurance cover for any potential mishap.

Anyone contemplating electrical do-it-yourself would be well advised to reconsider undertaking such a task because there are numerous pitfalls that can have disastrous consequences – and it is illegal. Is your life, or your family’s lives, worth the few dollars you might save?

And if you do manage to install a couple of power points, or rewire the patio, you will have difficulty selling your home if you do not have certificates of compliance for all electrical work completed. Then you will have to employ an electrician to rewire what you have attempted, possibly even costing you more if it’s a botched job.

And if it is a botched job your house and everyone’s safety is seriously threatened by potential electrical shocks and fire. Don’t expect your insurance company to compensate you for any loss or damage to your property, or life, if you do not have a certificate of compliance.

Do you actually need an electrician?

Quite often electricians are called out when people think that there is a problem with the wiring when in fact they have a minor electrical problem causes by something else such as a light or appliance. This can be easily fixed by the householder, saving you the cost of an electrician, and saving the electrician’s time as well.

Some common electrical problems that are easily fixed include:

  • A light doesn’t work: Check that the light globe hasn’t blown or needs replacing.
  • Powerpoint doesn’t work: Plug something else into that powerpoint such as a lamp. Often it is found that the appliance is the problem and not the powerpoint.
  • Electricity goes out when an appliance is turned on, or the circuit breaker is continually tripped meaning you need to go to the switchboard to turn the electricity back on. This is often caused by a faulty electrical appliance as well. The best solution is to unplug all of your appliances, then plug them in one by one. When you plug in the faulty appliance it will trip the safetyswitch and you have identified the faulty appliance. Then either fix or replace the faulty appliance and your home’s electricity should be back to normal.


Note: If you are unsure about any of the above or do not feel safe, please contact an electrical contractor. Or if the circuit breaker keeps switching itself off then it’s a sign to call in the professionals. Always choose safety first.

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